Quarterly Site #9

Hosted by the good folks at Chicago Artists' Coalition and their HATCH Projects, Twelve Galleries Project presented Quarterly Site #9: Support as curated by female design collective Quite Strong. The exhibition featured a visual interpretation of Chicago's supportive community for artists and designers. Works displayed have been created by HATCH Projects artists and Quite Strong Lust List designers.


Installations by HATCH Projects artists - 

Amanda Greive / Brittany Ransom / David Wittig / Jim Zimpel / Marissa Lee Benedict / Renee Prisble

Art and Design Works by Quite Strong Lust List designers:

Alanna MacGowan / Cave Party Collective / Firebelly Design / Elaine Fong / José Scaglione / Julia Stotz / Katherine Verhoeven / Linsey Burritt / Margot Harrington / Monina Velarde / Nancy A. Bernardo / Nancy McCabe / Nicole Lavelle / Renata Graw / Tinne Van Loon / Tonya Douraghy / Veronica Corzo-Duchardt / Veronika Burian / Zara Picken

Please visit the designated page for Quarterly Site #9: Support on the Quite Strong website for even more information, including artist and designer websites and biographies, and to learn more about the Quite Strong collective.

For its second cycle, Twelve Galleries Project focuses its attention on curators. Every quarter over the next three years, within an existing Chicago exhibition space, three curators will collectively organize a themed exhibition as part of the Quarterly Site Series.